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Creosote impregnation and copper naphthenate


Creosote impregnation plants for railway sleepers/crossties and electricity/utility poles for all types of processes such as Bethell/Bréant, Lowry, Ruping, Double-Rüping and Boulton.


From small manual plants to big size automatic systems.



Freshly creosote treated eucalyptus poles leaving plant in East Africa

Creosote has been a well-proven wood preservative for more than 180 years


​Especially for heavy duty use such as railway sleepers of hardwoods and utility poles with a service life of 40 years++.

Copper naphthenate alternative
IWT/Moldrup is cooperating closely with the manufacturers of the expected alternative to creosote for sleepers/poles = copper napthtenate, to secure a continued use of wood in the industry
CR30A type - for emerging markets


For eucalyptus in emerging markets in Africa IWT/Moldrup has developed a price-effective, simple creosote plant to provide dry poles using the minimum of energy. Supplied complete,  turn-key and operational a few days after delivery at an attractive price.

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